Effects of Testosterone on Energy Levels

Testosterone has a great influence and plays a huge role in determining the energy levels in an individual. The benefits of having adequate to high testosterone levels in your body cannot be undermined because as you go through your daily routine, you require the energy. Day to day activities lead to the wear, tare and breakdown of muscle tissues which causes fatigue, testosterone being anabolic which is a building hormone, helps generate new cells and body tissues and provide energy by stimulating the breakdown of the stored body fat. Testosterone targets the fatty adipose tissues that are rich with androgen receptors. Testosterone then increases the density of beta adrenergic receptors that facilitate release of fat from adipose tissues. This is the fat that is in turn burned to give you energy.

By promoting the oxidation process, facilitating fat mobilization, regulating the entry of new fat and at the same time reducing rate of metabolism testosterone plays the key role to save you energy. Testosterone also works hand in hand with the hormone leptin which is responsible for regulating energy intake, usage, metabolism and appetite. Testosterone effectively promotes lower or higher levels of leptin which in turn leads to increased or decreased uptake of fat which testosterone works on to deliver the energy you need through the cells called mitochondria that are found in muscles and transform fat into energy.

Testosterone is released mostly during sleep and resting time; this explains why you feel more energized earlier in the morning and during the day. Proper sleep and rest is therefore very important for you to enjoy the benefits of testosterone and energy. In fact it has been proven that low levels of testosterone hold back the growth process, because it leads to low energy levels that cannot sustain the growth process and sometimes leads to muscle atrophy. Low energy levels lead to inactivity, which generally has a negative effect on your body and that is where the importance of testosterone comes in - as it will lead to increased energy levels that ensure you remain active throughout and burn excess fat that would otherwise be stored in the body.

With low levels of testosterone, sadness and depression will kick in and ultimately affect your energy levels. For increased vigour, vitality and youthful energy, testosterone has been proven to play a critical role, with people rejuvenating and getting renewed energy upon increase of their testosterone levels, sharpening your outlook and focus towards life and your ability to plan and execute even multiple tasks in a timely and effective manner. This can help explain why athletes seem to be so energised, like they never getting tired and recovering fast after their sporting activity. This is because of the high levels of testosterone in their blood stream that enable them to deliver impressive results with unmatched passion, zeal and energy.

In any normal situation, testosterone is guaranteed to help boost up your energy levels, assist in reducing the negative effects and feeling of fatigue and extreme tiredness when undertaking your normal routine day to day tasks as well as quick recovery time after exercise or strenuous activities. Not forgetting the other added advantages that high energy levels come with such as positive attitude and outlook towards life, reduced irritability, effective handling of challenging situations as well as the drive and ability to do more every time.

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